What Are Some Conditions One May Face While On Bond?

When you are given a bond and it is satisfied by a bonding company, you will need to meet with that company in order to get your list of rules and regulations that need to be followed.  If you fail to check in, then you will face other charges and may even have your Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds revoked.  Here are some conditions that you may be facing while you are awaiting trial.

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Partial contact

When working with bondsmen, they will want to make sure that you are still around and doing what you are supposed to do.  To help with this, they will want to have some type of partial contact where they will have you come into an office, meet your bondsman somewhere or do a phone conversation.  If you fail to keep up with these contacts, it can be a breach of contract and you could be violated.

No contact orders

If you are accused of a crime or if you are violent, you may be given a no contact order.  This means that you can not call, talk to, send letters or in any way communicate with your victim or they you.  This no contact order if violated can cause you to lose your bond and return to jail.

Maintain Employment

In many cases you will need to maintain employment.  This means you will have to go to work, stay until your shift ends and sign in and out.  Your employer may also need to supply status reports to your bondsman or to the court directly.  Companies like Acme Bail Bonds Rancho Cucamonga will also want to make sure that you have an income so you can pay the bond and other restitutions applied to your case.

Travel restrictions

Another major component that will affect your bond is where and when you can travel.  You may only be able to travel to work and back and maybe a local store for supplies.  Other than that, you will need to be in your home before it becomes dark or by a specific time.  In many cases you will not be able to leave the state or country in fear of violating your bond.