The Right Way of Removing Ticks

Have you seen ticks in your house? If you do get bitten, there’s no need to panic. The CDC has guidelines on removing ticks from your skin. With immediate medical attention, you’ll be alright.

Get tick control services in Pittsburgh before you get bit by one. When you see a tick stuck in your skin, you might be too scared to pull it out. You might not know how to do it. Given below are the methods and aftercare you should follow as suggested by CDC.

Removing Ticks, The Right Way

Some people tend to panic and try to rub the tick off their skin. However, this is not the right way to go about it. This might cause the tick might die, and its head might get stuck in your skin. Follow the given steps to remove a tick embedded in your skin.

·    Take fine-tipped tweezers and grab the tick’s body as close to your skin as possible.

·    Apply even and steady pressure to pull the tick upward. Avoid jerking and twisting the tick least you want to break it and risk leaving the head to stay inside your skin.

·    In case the tick does break, try to pull the head off with clean tweezers. However, if it doesn’t come off, allow the skin to heal and push the head out itself.

·    Once the tick is completely out of your skin, clean the area with rubbing alcohol. This will not only clean but also disinfect the area.

·     You must never squeeze a tick. Once the tick is out of your skin, put alcohol on it to immobilize it and flush it down the toilet.

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Be Careful

You should be very careful while dealing with ticks. Once the tick is out of your system, track your health for a few days. If you get a bulls-eye rash or fever, get a doctor’s appointment to check if you have contracted any tick-borne disease.